Reverse-Air Baghouse

Reverse air baghouse cleaning has been a reliable and effective method of fabric filtration for large flow rate process gases for many decades. Because reverse air cleaning is the most gentle way to clean a filter bag, the bag life is extended well beyond the other methods of cleaning a filter bag for the same process application.

This technology allows more than two and one half times the filter area per filter bag to our longest pulse jet technology. Reverse air baghouses are always an excellent choice when large gas volumes require filtration.

Amerair provides both structural and panelized plate construction for positive and negative pressure operation. Today, the 12" diameter bag design is employed more frequently than the 8" design due to the ever increasing need to filter larger gas volumes for better control of process and fugitive emissions

840,000 ACFM at 255°F Reverse Air Positive Pressure ten compartment Baghouse
Reverse Air Positive Pressure Design ten compartment baghouse designed to filter 840,000 ACFM at 255°F from electric arc furnace primary "fourth hole" and secondary canopy emissions at steelmaking fcaility in Southwestern part of the US. This system includes all ductwork, material handling and storage facilities.
1,000,000 ACFM Emission Control System
Mini-Mill Steel Melt Shop Emission Control System designed to provide 1,000,000 ACFM of ventilation to primary and secondary electric arc furnace, ladle melting station, ladle dumping and slag tapping operations. The system is designed with a ten compartment positive pressure reverse air baghouse capable of being easily exapnded to 1,200,000 ACFM. Amerair designed, fabricated and constructed this entire turnkey system